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Our Vision:

"To Turn the lost into the found

and the faithless into the faithful"



Tuesday 12th December 2017

Joy to the World, Choral Society presentation will NOT be going ahead

Wednesday 13th December 2017

Little Lambs is open tomorrow, Wednesday, as normal.

However, Hill Street is icy but passable with care.

We have requested the Local Authority to grit Hill Street

and are awaiting a response.

If you can make it in, there will be a Nativity practice at 10am

in preparation for Friday.

Hope to see as many of you as possible.

Stay safe,

Sandra and the team

Cornerstone Christmas meal has been postponed for this week. It has been rescheduled for next Wednesday 20th December.

Apologies for any inconveniences for all these dates


Welcome to Bethel’s Website

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Little Lambs Weekly Notice – updated 8th December 2017

What are we doing at Nursery this week – 8th December 2017

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Bethel Chapel 


At present, the church that meets at Bethel numbers a total of around 300. That number includes those who come Sunday by Sunday, to those we see only a couple of times a year, and all else between ! The number includes our Pathfinders and Icebreakers, and our Cornerstone ladies who usually only come on Wednesdays. The number also includes the growing number of old people we have living in residential care. Being part of the Church that meets at Bethel can never be confined to those who simply attend this building, but is wide enough to embrace those who know that the whole of their life is a walk with God, and who look to Bethel as their spiritual home.


Bethel is “in the community, for the community” and bases its life upon the free gift of forgiveness and salvation offered by God the Father through Jesus His Son, being in our lives through the Holy Spirit.


Bethel is a community focal point for those who come Sunday by Sunday, to those we see only a couple of times a year, and all else in between!  Bethel touches people from the “cradle to the grave”, with Toddlers, Little Lambs Pre-School Centre, One Way children’s club, Waterhole youth club, Feeling Good and Cornerstone senior citizen’s luncheon club.  The love of God is pumped out from this church not only through the community activities, but through the work of the individuals who make up the church.


The word Bethel is taken from two Hebrew words - bęt ’el - meaning the House of God.  The word Church is taken from the Greek word – kuriakon - which means belonging to the Lord.  The word Chapel is taken from a Latin word – cappella - meaning cloak, and provided a secret place where dissenters could worship God.  Chapels were break-away places, breaking the mould, objecting to the status quo, wanting to make God readily available to any and all who would find Him.  Our founders became dissenters and walked out of a Church they felt misrepresented their God and they formed a chapel for worship.  Being part of the Church that meets at Bethel can never be confined to those who simply attend this building, but is wide enough to embrace those who know that the whole of their life is a walk with God, and who look to Bethel as their spiritual home.  Bethel is a place where people can feel safe belonging to the Lord and it’s a place where they can come to find the Lord.  Bethel comprises of safe houses within a safe house.  Those safe houses are the outreach groups which operate week by week and in many and varied ways try to bring the reality of the Kingdom of God into peoples’ lives. 


Here at Bethel we operate with a Pastor, a group of Trustees (who by law are responsible for the day to day running of Bethel as a registered charity), a management committee (who meet monthly to oversee the regular running of Bethel) and a whole army of the people of God, who day by day live out their lives as witness to the faith they have placed in the son of God, Jesus Christ.


Together with everyone connected with Bethel, we all make up the community known as the Church that meets at Bethel, each one of us looking to fulfil our unique place in the Body of Christ, each one of us looking to Jesus for salvation, and each one of us looking to each other for support, love, loyalty and encouragement.  This Church is made up of human beings who fail, get it wrong, mess up big time, and are in need of forgiveness.  We don’t always give that which others need from us at the right time and in the right place.  But we stand on one assurance:  Our faith is not dependent upon a human being getting it right, but on the unfailing love of God shown to us through Jesus Christ.


Outside the main doors to the church building, we have printed "This church opens wide its doors, and in the name of Jesus, bids you welcome". That's the truth - if you're looking for something more in life - if you're looking for some rhyme and reason to why the world is as it is - if you're looking for hope and a future - you're in the right place !

Welcome to Bethel

With Love

Pastor Jill


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