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Believer’s Baptismal Service


We have regular Baptism Services here at Bethel, here is a report from just one of them


The first Sunday in January 2009 saw the morning service dedicated to the most moving believer’s baptismal service, where 7 people - Jacqueline, Michael, Kim, Amy, Alice, Angela and David - went through the waters for full immersion, to stand as a witness for their faith in Jesus Christ.


Baptism Jan 09.jpg


Two of the people baptised - Amy Nicholls and Jacqueline Gough gave their testimonies.  Amy’s was read by her friend Emily Dunn, and Jacqueline bravely read her own.



Here are the two testimonies printed, as they were both so good, that no-one should miss out on their encouragement:


Here’s Amy’s testimony:


“I've heard it said that when God created each one of us our outcomes and destiny's were always predetermined. Our life was already planned out for us, like an unopened book just waiting to be read. I kinda like this way of looking at it and have always gone by the term "even if the destination is predetermined, it's the journey that counts..and what a fun journey I'm having so far.


I also believe that we are sent to earth with a set birth and death date. God knows what is going to happen at each and every turn of our life and we through him must complete whatever we were sent to earth to achieve, then once completed, he calls us home.


I also like this way of looking at life.


I also know now what my mission on this earth was -  mine was to face a big battle and show people that even in the face of such hardship and adversity, with a boat loud of courage, strength and a smile on your face you can get through anything, achieving many other goals, aspirations and having a damn good time along the way. Oh and not forgetting putting 100% of your faith and trust in the Lord, knowing He is there walking beside you every step of the way!


That's my mission, that's my goal and this baptism? It's just another page in the book of my life. I hope you enjoy sharing this page with me today.




You see to me; life is not a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in a pretty and well-preserved body, but rather to skid in broadside, totally worn out and proclaiming, 'WOW, WHAT A RIDE!!!'




Amy skateboarded into heaven on Monday 9th February and we held a most inspirational and uplifting service here at Bethel on Wednesday 18th February.  Amy had chosen the elements of the service herself and everything that was said or sung simply reinforced her faith to us that she had done all that God needed her to do, that he had taken her home and that we would all meet again.  Her recommendation that we all put 100% of our faith in the Lord really is one of the greatest gifts she left us all.


You can read about Amy’s journey in her own words on her blog page – click here




And here’s Jacqueline’s:


Good morning Church.  For those here today who don’t know me, I’m Jacqueline and as today is a very special day for us, I’d like to share my road to the tub in front, and this white dress! 


Baptism Jacqueline.jpg


As a child I lived quite literally next door to a small Evangelical Chapel in Birmingham.  Mu mum encouraged me to go to Sunday School and later a group for teenagers - “The Covenanters.”  It was idyllic. Sunday School, Bible stickers, singing, summer outings and Prize Giving.  But then came boys, and they were much more interesting. Need I say more?


Then followed a big gap in my Church life until about 17 years ago when my friend Jo gently introduced me to Bethel.  First of all it was Summer Fair, Easter Breakfast, Christmas and special services. I’m glad she didn't drag me in, sit me down with a hymn book and leave me!


At first I used to think, “faith?  What id that and how do I get it?  Des it appear when you really need it?”  The idea of belief to believe was unclear.  To me, “believe” means you are not sure.  So how could I get a bit of what others had got?  I was a bit jealous.  Would faith and a real feeling of belief float down from heaven as a mist?  So, keep singing and wait, I decided.  Or I could try praying, but I always fell asleep!

So then began the bargain: “Lord, if I promise never to miss Church will you heal my friend?”  Or, “God, please send me a sign tomorrow and I will believe from then on in.”  Oh dear.


All this time He was silent, but not totally it seems.  Other Christians pulled or pushed me along.  I learned that belief is a decision you make.  Repent and commit your future to Him.  HE will deal with the sins of the past and be there with you in the future.  Faith grows and deepens with time.  By the time I had married Alan, I had got it!!


Thanks to Church, family and friends, I am baptised today in very fortunate circumstances.  Please help us all celebrate.  Thank you for being Bethel.


God bless.


Jacqueline Gough