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Bethel made an application to the National Lotteries Charities Board for assistance with funding for the building work.  

The National Lotteries Charities Board reviewed our application for a grant to help us replace the hut here at Bethel and they looked favourably at our bid and granted us the £300,211 needed to take down the old out-dated facility and replace it with a brick built, purpose designed building which is not only more practical on the inside, but also blends into the surroundings more pleasingly too.


We finally received the keys for the new building on Good Friday 2002, even though there were still a few outstanding bits and pieces of building work to be finished off, and started the process of moving in over the next few weeks.  An Open Day was held on Saturday 14th September to officially introduce it to all our friends and neighbours.


Unbelievably its now more than 10 years down the line - we’ve grown, expanded and diversified and the building and grounds have served us well and seen some changes to accommodate this.


New Building 2DSC03484.JPG

The new building – in 2002 and in 2013!



The new building 2002


The new building 2013


View from the soft play area 2002


View from the soft play area 2013



Rainbow Room 2002


Rainbow Room 2013



Sunshine Room 2002


Sunshine Room 2013


Cross and dedication plaque


Looking at the Bethel history display